Stevia’s facts and Advantages

Facts about the Steviol Glycoside:

  • Exist in the constitution of a hygroscopic powder or in fine crystals
  • Are almost odorless
  • Are soluble in water (Stevioside=1,25 g/l, Rebaudioside =7g/l)
  • The melting point of stevioside is 198 degree and of Rebaudioside A is 243 degree
  • Steviol glycoside is stable for 3 months in acid media at a pH value of 2.0 30 degrees.
  • Rebaudioside A has a strong sweetening power 350 times compared to sucrose  (0,4% Solution)
  • Stevioside A has a strong sweetening power 250 times compared to sucrose (0,4% Solution)
  • The Stevioside is between the value of pH 3 and pH 9 at 100 degrees for 1 hour stable.
  • Can be mixed with sweeteners and sucrose
  • Optimize the production, storage and transportation costs.

The advantages of steviol glycoside for the consumer:

  • It Has only trace amounts of calories and carbohydrates
  • Hardly affect the glycemic index.
  • It is ideal for diabetics
  • It does not affect the glucose level
  • It does not affect the insulin production
  • Is suitable for PKU patients
  • Lift out flavors
  • Hardly cause plaque
  • The raw material for the production is made of 100% natural